point roberts, washington

september 30, 2012

someones gonna be tardy

you can never have enough

the best kind of glare you could ask for

48t x 17t / 76.2 gi / fixed / lets go.

so neat

dockside houses

south end of the alex fraser bridge

so quiet

abes attackin’

turn here





the informant

stumbled upon this crew as we approached one of our stops

nice jersey


we followed these guys for a little while in hopes to find our way back to the correct route

they lead us into the forest on paths that had tons of jagged rocks…

wax on

sweet boat name

pumpkins & pallets

hey! its you guys again!.. we were so lost at this point.

they have really tall mailmen in this part of canada

hello horsey

“the best kinds!”

unmanned road side shop

your barn door is open


this llama and i had a staring contest.  i won.

red barn, blue house

there was a dressage school close by


under the 99

deltaport way (click to enlarge)

bad times

(click to enlarge)



so close you can taste it

aww man…

almost there

sweet jesus, we made it.

time to put the camera away – these guys were all business, they had the jiggly fingers.

sure could have used this earlier

this sign pretty much said it all

baby shell station

no lines


the map

more boats resting


bullet time

free taxi?!

drop your vessel here

stop light

3 days

point roberts marina (click to enlarge)



facing south

chandlery – a storeroom for candles.  duh.

(click to enlarge)

this was lovely.  time to go back.

good ride.


sunday – september 30th, 2012

40.5 miles – downtown vancouver -> marina in pt. roberts (we got lost)
38.6 miles – marina in pt. roberts -> downtown vancouver
79.1 total miles
2 maps
8 clif bars
3 bottles of water
1 road bicycle
1 fixed gear bicycle
1 mexican
1 chinese
4 double doubles
0 cardboard seat

ptRoberts – population: 1,314
downtown vancouver – 43,415


One response

  1. I wonder what took longer, the ride there and back…. or coming up with witty things to say about every photo taken

    10/04/2012 at 11:52 am

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